Lyrics: Robyn Hayle
Co-Producer: Mark Kelso 
Mixing: Vic Florencia
Mastering: Peter Letros, Wreckhouse Mastering
 Music Video Editor: Caroline MacFarlane

Mark Kelso: drums, BG vocals, percussion, keyboards
horn arrangement, BG vocal arrangement
 Dave Dunlop: Trumpet & Trombone
 Elmer Ferrer: Guitar
Rich Brown: Bass

Rique Franks, BG's
 Tracey Gallant
 Julianna Jones, lead and BG's
Nancy Vincic
Rachelle Snow
Rainey Smith 


Special thanks to everyone who played and sang on ISMFH

I hope you have as much fun listening to it as I did making it.  


"Lovely" - Susan Brink Blue Lake Public Radio WBLV FM 90.3 / WBLU FM 88.9 

"Great vocals." - Joey Coyne - BBC Radio Gloucestershire 

"Lovely voice!"- Jim Corrigan CIWS 102.7 FM  

"5/5 Gorgeous voice, beautiful album" - Tony Currie Radio Six International Glasgow Scotland

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